Genital Surgery or
intimate surgery

Genital surgery or intimate surgery in Albacete and Madrid is a surgical procedure that has been gaining popularity in recent years. Through this operation imperfections in the genital area are corrected. Most of them are aesthetic problems. At the cosmetic surgery clinic in Albacete we invite you to learn more about genital surgery or intimate surgery in Albacete and Madrid.

What does this surgery in the female genital area consist of?

The genital region is not free from the consequences of the aging process and the loss of skin elasticity. Sometimes there are parts of this anatomy that we may find unsightly from birth or development, so it is increasingly common to resort to cosmetic surgery techniques to improve them.

Aesthetic intimate surgery comprises the set of interventions that are performed to correct imperfections in the genital area. The demand for this type of intervention has increased in Spain over the last decade, which shows that women are more concerned about how their intimate area looks, while the taboo surrounding these issues has decreased.

When a patient comes to the clinic she knows what she wants and asks the doctor. They are usually aesthetic problems that are easily corrected. The surgeries are usually outpatient surgeries, i.e. they do not require admission to the clinic.

Recovery after the operation is also usually quick. Depending on the type of procedure, recovery may take a few weeks. During recovery, patients are not allowed to have sexual intercourse.

The average age of women who opt for intimate surgery is between 30 and 35 years, however, there are patients between 20 and 50 years of age. Younger women mostly resort to these procedures for aesthetic reasons, such as disproportion in the size of the labia. Older patients seek to correct functional problems, such as loss of elasticity after multiple births.


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Types of genital surgery or intimate surgery in Albacete and Madrid

A woman’s imperfections in this part of her body can cause insecurity. They can also cause discomfort and pain during intimate relations or when doing sporting activities. There is also frequent discomfort when wearing certain types of clothing.

Therefore, genital surgery or intimate surgery in Albacete and Madrid is not only aimed at improving the appearance but also the quality of life of women. Among the types of intimate surgery are:

  • Labiaplasty. Also known as genital labia surgery or nymphoplasty. These are interventions performed on the vaginal lips to improve the proportion. The most common is the reduction of the labia minora. But it also includes the augmentation of the labia majora with lipofilling.
  • Vaginoplasty. This is a vaginal rejuvenation procedure in which the internal muscles are tightened and the lost tone is restored. This operation increases the sensation of friction and sexual pleasure.
  • Liposuction of the mons pubis. This operation removes excess fat that can cause the public area to bulge.
  • Hymenoplasty. This surgery is performed in order to reconstruct the hymen.

There are other types of intimate interventions such as perineoplasty (correction of the perineum) or clitoralplasty (reduction of the clitoris). Thus, any of these problems can be easily corrected.

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