Buttock Augmentation

The S-Culpture by Dr. Miguel Fernández Calderón is a new technique for buttock augmentation in Madrid that he offers in consultation. This method is the result of the experiences and all the different interventions of body contouring.

Long-term results

More and more patients are seeking buttock augmentation treatment at our practice. That is why we recommend the S-Culpture treatment so that our patients can achieve the silhouette they desire in a safe way.

It is a technique designed to achieve the perfect silhouette. As an expert in plastic and aesthetic surgery, Dr Miguel Fernández Calderón turns me into a real sculptor. For this it is important to know the anatomy with an exceptional 3D vision of the patient. In this way we can decide what changes to make to achieve the desired silhouette.

Patients often come to aesthetic surgery centres seeking buttock augmentation to improve their silhouette. In most clinics the treatment used is adequate to achieve an improvement in the short and medium term, but they do not take into account that the objective is to achieve the desired contour in the long term. With S-Culpture we achieve these ideal curves in the long term in a safe and predictable way.

Therefore, a taste for harmony in curves and our personal way of shaping the female contour in body contouring surgery is essential to achieve amazing results. Bringing an artistic vision to the technique is crucial.

Consequently, the S-Culpture provides safe results. This is achieved by sculpting the silhouette of our patients to achieve their desired body shape with harmonious curves.


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S-culpture stages in buttock augmentation in Madrid

To achieve that ideal buttock augmentation we will plan a personalised treatment. This includes different phases:

A detailed study of the patient’s anatomy, tastes, desires and expectations. In this phase we discover the patient’s objectives and consequently the treatment needs, as well as the pre- and post-operative measurements sought. It includes a bioimpedance study, photographic study, three-dimensional reconstruction and preoperative advice. At this point we will have an individualised treatment plan for each patient.

Then the preoperative measures are indicated, which will vary for each patient. The majority of patients should adopt healthy lifestyle habits. These include, in general, physical exercises such as weight training and cardiovascular exercises, always under the guidance of a specialist. Along with this, it will be necessary to take certain measures in the diet, which usually includes the loss of body fat in case of excess. Although we know that sometimes it is necessary to gain body fat to achieve the desired silhouette.

On the day of the procedure everything is prepared. That is, the planning and procedures necessary to achieve this change in our patient’s anatomy. The most common procedures include buttock augmentation with body lipoSculpture to achieve the desired curves and abdominal marking.

In patients with sequelae of pregnancy or weight loss, abdominoplasty is often associated with this procedure. Although we sometimes use buttock implants if necessary, we always follow the basic principles of S-Culpture.

Postoperative measures for buttock augmentation

Firstly, care is taken to improve the healing of the surgery. This is followed by hygiene, dietary and physical activity measures.

During this phase of the process, periodic reviews will be carried out to check the degree of patient satisfaction and implement improvements.

Our commitment to our patients is to achieve the silhouette they desire. Therefore, S- Culpture is the ideal technique to achieve this in the long term in a safe and satisfactory way.

In conclusion, S-Culpture provides an honest and reliable vision of the technique, making our results very safe and the complications are minimal.

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Gluteoplasty: alternative to define the silhouette

Gluteoplasty is the surgical procedure applied to improve the aesthetics of this area. It is one of the interventions that we perform at the clinic of Dr. Miguel Fernández Calderón to correct or define the silhouette.

A beautiful and proportionate buttocks enhance a defined silhouette. Sometimes exercise is insufficient to achieve the desired volume of the buttocks and buttock augmentation in Madrid allows the shaping of this region.

Buttock augmentation surgery has gained popularity over the years and more and more patients are requesting it. The aim is to increase the size of the buttock region. But it is also used to improve the silhouette and correct deformities in this area.

Both men and women are candidates for this type of cosmetic surgery. There are two methods by which the volume of the buttocks can be increased: with silicone prostheses or by lipofilling. The choice of the best technique depends on several factors, including the patient’s body type. A skinny person or a person without sufficient fat cannot opt for fat transfer.

Techniques for buttock augmentation in Madrid

The remodelling of this region or buttock augmentation is carried out using two main techniques: implantation of cohesive silicone gel prostheses or lipofilling. The choice of technique will depend on the patient’s body contour and desires.

Augmentation with buttock implants

The treatment for buttock augmentation in Madrid with prostheses is performed by making an incision at the level of the intergluteal fold. The silicone implants are then inserted through this cut and placed under the gluteus maximus muscle.

The implants must be strong so that they do not rupture. The recovery time is between 4 and 6 weeks, but after this time the patient can return to their normal routine and daily activities. This is also when the buttock region will begin to feel natural again.

The results of this operation are long lasting. However, sometimes additional injections into the lower muscle are necessary to achieve the desired shape.

This treatment is best suited for people who do not have extra fat in the areas where fatty tissue usually accumulates.

Lipofilling augmentation

The other technique offered by the advancement of technology is buttock augmentation with fat, also known as lipofilling. This method involves taking fat from problem areas and injecting it into the buttocks.

The areas where fat accumulates most are the thighs, back, hips and abdomen. So this surgery has a double benefit for the patient. On the one hand, excess adipose tissue is removed and, on the other hand, the volume of the buttocks is increased.

Shaping the figure in your buttock augmentation in Madrid

The specialised surgeon will be in charge of shaping the figure to achieve the best results.

In this procedure it is necessary to take into account that the body will absorb part of the fat, so the volume initially achieved will be reduced and it will be necessary to complement the treatment with further interventions.

Buttock augmentation is usually performed with general or spinal anaesthesia and requires one day in hospital. This involves moderate discomfort that begins to improve in the first week. During the first month it is advisable to wear a compression garment continuously.

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Combination with surgical procedures

When we talk about gluteoplasty we mean improving the contour of the buttocks, correcting the shape and possible congenital defects. However, to achieve the best results it is sometimes necessary to combine it with other types of surgery.

One of the corrective procedures that is usually associated with this surgery is liposculpture of the areas to be treated.

liposculpture of the adjacent areas. Extra fat that the patient may have is removed and can then be used for buttock augmentation. Sometimes buttock or thigh lifts are also performed.

As a result, the patient will have a better defined and proportioned figure. And, at the end of the operation the change will be noticeable, but it is necessary to wait up to 6 months to see the final results.

Combined technique of buttock augmentation with implants and lipofilling

It is often necessary to combine the techniques of buttock implants and lipofilling to achieve the best result. Consequently, when a patient comes to the practice interested in buttock remodelling, it is necessary to study their anatomy including:

  1. Morphology of the gluteal region, width of the buttock, height of the buttock and symmetry between the two.
  2. Buttock skin quality, quantity and sagging.
  3. Buttock shape and volume distribution in the quadrants of the buttock.
  4. Fat donor area and fat distribution in the back and thighs.

Once these details are known, it is necessary to discuss the desired changes and treatment possibilities with the patient, as we often combine treatments to achieve the best result, especially when fat donor areas are scarce.

Each treatment will provide volume in a specific region.

    1. Silicone cohesive gel implants. These implants will provide volume and projection especially in the upper and central area of the buttock. This will increase the overall consistency and projection.
    2. Buttock Lipofilling. It can provide a lot of volume depending on the available donor areas, but when they are scarce or the desire for augmentation is moderate or large, it is advisable to associate it with silicone implants. Lipofilling in this case will give volume to the lower and lateral region of the buttock and will allow it to be remodelled and regularise the contour of the implant. Generally the fat donor areas are the abdomen and flanks, occasionally the buttocks.
    3. Buttock lift. Also, when there is skin sagging and flaccidity, it is necessary to associate some type of buttock lift, usually with scars in the subgluteal fold.

Combined buttock augmentation surgery in Madrid is for many patients the ideal treatment to beautify and enhance the buttocks.

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