Liposuction in Madrid

One of the most popular treatments we offer at Dr. Miguel Fernández Calderón’s aesthetic surgery clinic is liposuction in Madrid. If you are looking to remove fat accumulated in unwanted areas of your body, this is the best alternative for you. For this reason, we explain in detail what this operation consists of.

What is liposuction in Madrid?

Liposuction is a surgical procedure used to eliminate localised fat in different parts of the body. This treatment is also known by the name of liposuction.

The technique consists of inserting a cannula connected to a vacuum machine through which the fat is absorbed. This technique allows to reshape the silhouette; however, it is not a treatment against obesity.

The scars in liposuction are imperceptible, as the procedure is performed using very fine cannulas. If the areas to be treated are limited, it is performed with local anaesthesia and sedation on an outpatient basis. If the liposuction is more complete, it is performed with general anaesthesia and a day’s stay in hospital.

Liposculpture in Madrid may be the best option to shape your figure


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Areas where liposuction is carried out

The most common areas where liposuction is performed are the abdomen, thighs, arms, neck and buttocks. It can also be applied to other areas such as the knees, hips, ankles, back and jowls.


The abdomen is one of the most common areas for liposuction in both men and women.

Specialists take into account factors such as the amount of abdominal fat and the way it is distributed, weight, sex and age to determine if the person is a good candidate for the operation.


Liposuction on the legs can be performed in 4 areas:

  • The calves: This is not a very popular area.
  • The inner thigh: Fat accumulation is common in this area. By means of liposuction, as well as improving its appearance, you reduce the uncomfortable rubbing that can occur between the thighs when walking or running.
  • Anterior thighs: Liposuction in this area is very popular, but it is important that the specialist does not remove too much fat, as this could have serious consequences for the patient’s skin.
  • Outer thighs: People who accumulate fat in this area are usually due to genetic factors. Therefore, liposuction is the most effective way to get legs proportionate to your silhouette.


As this is a small area, micro-cannulas are used to minimise discomfort after the procedure. Liposuction will give you much slimmer, more defined and toned arms.


Liposuction on the buttocks is an intervention that requires a great deal of experience on the part of the surgeon, because if it is not performed correctly proportionality and aesthetics can be compromised.

Double chin:

The removal of fat accumulated in the neck and lower face area is performed with specialised microcannulas. Local anaesthesia is used, it does not leave a scar and the recovery time is very short.

Liposuction is a very popular surgery in Spain

Body remodelling through liposuction is one of the most demanded surgeries. In fact, in Spain it is the second most requested surgery by women. The male liposuction has also had a great boom, becoming the most requested by these patients, according to the SECPRE.

Although it is a quick and simple procedure, it is important that it is carried out by a professional doctor. In our clinic we are specialists in plastic and aesthetic surgery. Therefore, we guarantee the best care and safety you need in liposuction in Madrid.

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Book your first free appointment where we will make a diagnosis and advise you on the solution that best suits your needs.

Health check before liposculpture in Madrid

Before proceeding with any treatment we always carry out a review of the patient’s state of health and whether he/she is a candidate for the procedure. In the case of liposuction, the patient must be in good health. It is not recommended for people suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, heart or lung problems.

Ideally, the person who wants to undergo liposuction should have a normal and stable weight. It must be made clear that it is not a treatment for obesity. It is done to remove fat that has accumulated in certain areas of the body.

During the previous appointments with the surgeon, he or she will tell you if you are fit to undergo liposuction. He or she will make it clear to you what the expected results are and what the possible complications are. Risks are present in all surgery, but if you put yourself in the hands of professionals, the risks are reduced.

Among the factors that experts analyse to determine if you are a good candidate for liposuction are:

  • General state of health and review of medical history. 
  • Normal and stable weight.
  • Areas with localised excess fat, distribution and approximate volume. 
  • Skin condition. Analysis of elasticity and firmness.
  • Presence of circulatory, cardiac or respiratory problems.

It is important that patients’ expectations of the results are realistic and that they are aware of the factors that can affect the results of liposuction in the medium and long term.

What to do after liposuction in Madrid?

The discomfort that occurs during the postoperative period varies greatly depending on the area where the procedure has been carried out, although it is usually mild or moderate. There are usually areas of bruising, which disappear within the first 10 days. It is advisable to wear a compression garment for the first postoperative month.

It is important to attend the check-ups indicated by the doctor and follow all his or her recommendations. Depending on the type of work and the patient’s progress, he or she will soon be able to return to daily life and activities.

If pain is felt in the treated area, the use of conventional painkillers is recommended. Although it is rare that they are required.

Intense physical exercise is best avoided. However, the patient can practice moderate exercise such as walking from the first few days. This ensures good blood circulation and faster recovery.

Patient involvement in the outcome

In order to maintain the result in the long term, it is necessary to involve the patient in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. A balanced diet and regular exercise are key to achieving this.

Liposuction removes fat cells, but if you consistently eat high-calorie foods, smoke and lead a sedentary lifestyle, you may re-generate the removed fat. This could result in the results disappearing in a short time, although it is unlikely to be localised in the same way.

The fat removed in liposuction can sometimes be used as a filler in other areas of the body, in order to improve the silhouette.

This technique is known as lipofilling and is common in areas such as the buttocks and chest. And it is another of the advantages that you can get from the extraction of accumulated fat by means of liposuction.

Do you want to remove fat that has accumulated in some area of your body? Do you want to have a slimmer figure? Liposuction in Madrid may be the solution you are looking for. Make an appointment and come to our offices if you need more information.

The liposuction technique is a safe and very effective procedure. At our Aesthetic Clinic you will find yourself in the hands of the best professionals. They will take care of shaping your body so that you feel and look better.

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