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Many people want to achieve a face that has all its parts in harmony and at the same time improve the functionality of some elements. Mentoplasty in Madrid is an intervention that we perform at the aesthetic clinic of Dr Miguel Fernández Calderón. This intervention will help you to find the balance you are looking for. For more details, you can consult the website


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What is mentoplasty?

Mentoplasty, genioplasty or chin surgery is a procedure in which the size and shape of the chin is modified to achieve a more harmonious and proportionate face.

This operation is used to define a chin that is naturally broad, or to reduce its prominence so that the facial features are reduced.

This surgery is also performed in cases where there are facial asymmetries.

Advantages of mentoplasty

The main benefit of all cosmetic surgery is the mental and emotional satisfaction of the patient. In addition to this benefit, mentoplasty, will provide other benefits such as:

  • Improved facial appearance by giving harmony with the rest of the face.
  • It enlarges the chin if it is receding, or reduces it if it is very pronounced. 
  • Eliminates chin disproportions and easy asymmetries.

What does the mentoplasty procedure consist of?

Depending on the type of mentoplasty, the procedure can be chin augmentation or chin reduction.

In both interventions, if they are performed as a complement to another surgical intervention, general anaesthesia will be necessary. However, if the operation is performed alone, it can be performed with local anaesthesia.

This cosmetic surgery lasts from 30 minutes to one hour. It is a fairly simple procedure that can even be performed on an outpatient basis.

Chin augmentation

Chin augmentation is performed through an incision that can be made inside the mouth or under the chin. It is performed by inserting a semi-rigid silicone implant adapted to each patient or by means of an advancement with the patient’s own bone.

It is important to contact a real specialist as it is very common to make the mistake of placing a prosthesis in patients with completely receding jaws. In these cases, the result can be disastrous, leaving the appearance of a cartoon witch.

Chin augmentation surgery should be performed on jaws of normal size and position with a small chin.

Nowadays, body-compatible substances are also used. The most popular are fat from another part of your body or hyaluronic acid. These are used to increase the volume of the chin. These techniques are more economical than implants and provide more natural results.

The only disadvantage is that both elements are reabsorbed by the body, so the result is not permanent. However, they are good alternatives if you want to get an idea of what you can achieve with a permanent result.

Chin reduction

For those cases in which there is facial asymmetry due to a disproportionate size of the chin, reduction mentoplasty is the most convenient. This exaggerated prominence is due to an abnormality of the face that causes the chin to protrude.

With this chin reduction surgery, the aim is to reposition the chin in a balanced position with the rest of the face by reducing its projection. This way, the face will look with less volume in the lower part. In profile, the neck will be better appreciated and the physical appearance will be stylised.

Combination of both techniques

When the specialist aims to correct asymmetries in the chin area and sometimes in the jaw, it is common to have to apply mentoplasty techniques, augmentation and reduction at the same time, to give the appropriate shape to the area.

In these cases, it is usually necessary to move the chin to the indicated position and then insert implants or fillers to improve its appearance.

Book your first free informative appointment today.

Book your first free appointment where we will make a diagnosis and advise you on the solution that best suits your needs.

Care prior to chin surgery

The success of the procedure depends largely on the skills and experience of the specialist. But it is also important that you follow a series of precautions before undergoing any surgery.

For the preoperative period of a mentoplasty we recommend you:

  • Take care of your nutrition

If you are going to undergo surgery, it is essential that you are well nourished. If you are deficient in vitamins or anaemia it could affect the recovery and healing process.

Maintain a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals for at least 3 months before your surgery.

  • Stop smoking

Nicotine affects circulation and blood oxygenation levels due to the multiple toxins it contains, as well as irritating the lungs. This in turn slows down and affects the quality of healing of body tissues.

If you plan to have a mentoplasty, you should stop smoking or tobacco use at least 1 month prior to surgery.

  • Beware of anticoagulants

Avoid consuming items that affect blood clotting levels prior to surgery. Aspirin and vasodilators are the most common.

If you take them, the risk of bleeding during and after surgery increases considerably. You will also be more likely to develop bruising.

Postoperative period after the mentoplasty operation

In the next 24 hours after the mentoplasty operation, swelling of the face is common. You may experience discomfort in the cheek area and a headache. The surgeon will prescribe medication to reduce the swelling or keep the pain under control.

The swelling usually lasts a maximum of two to three days. The swelling can be relieved with cold compresses. Over time, the swelling will decrease noticeably, but the chin will remain slightly swollen for up to a year, which is when the results will really show.

Compliance with the doctor’s instructions is extremely important. As well as constant communication with the doctor in order to treat any anomaly in time.

In general, it is recommended to eat soft foods and liquids. It is important to rinse the mouth daily with oral antiseptic to prevent infections. And, for the first two weeks, the patient should wear a compression garment part-time, which will help reduce swelling.

Risks of mentoplasty

Despite the fact that mentoplasty in Albacete is a fairly simple operation, some inconveniences may arise, mainly after the intervention. Some of them are:

  • In case the procedure has been performed intraorally, the risk of infections and encapsulation of the prosthesis (if it is the case) increases.
  • If a chin augmentation with prostheses has been performed, there is a risk of the organism showing rejection towards the prosthesis material.
  • It may leave visible scars. However, these are usually small and fade over time.
  • If misdiagnosed by the specialist, the end result can be a “witch’s chin”. This effect is created when mentoplasty is used to treat receding jaw positions or small jaws (not just in the chin area).

If you consider that Mentoplasty in Madrid is the ideal procedure to improve the harmony of your face, do not hesitate to contact us. Our specialist is always attentive to the wishes of his patients, always guiding them towards the best decision and guaranteeing excellent results.

Mentoplasty or chin surgery

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