Rhinoplasty or
nose surgery

We tell you all about Rhinoplasty in Albacete and Madrid carried out by Dr. Miguel Fernández Calderón at the Clínica de Cirugía Estética. The nose as a facial center has a fundamental weight in facial aesthetics and beauty of our face. It should give harmony to the whole and be striking for its definition between nasal tip and nasal dorsum as well as between the nose and the rest of the facial mass.

Nasal surgery aims to give harmony to the face by correcting the size of the nose and desired shape in its different parts. And at the same time it tries to improve the respiratory function.

The preoperative consultation to know the patient’s wishes should be very detailed along with a complete exploration. In order to agree on the most precise and appropriate operative plan. The goal is balance and facial enhancement, so it can be combined with procedures on the chin and cheekbones to achieve more natural results.

Rhinoplasty Consultations in Albacete and Madrid

Rhinoplasty, also called rhinoseptoplasty, is the most frequent facial surgery in my practice because it is a procedure that provides very satisfactory results with minimal risks.

Every day patients with different types of noses come to the practice in Albacete and Madrid requesting an aesthetic and functional improvement. Although each nose is different, patients’ desires are usually quite similar. The main objectives in most rhinoplasties in my practice are:

  1. To achieve a straight nasal dorsum both seen from the profile and from the front.
  2. A defined tip.
  3. Narrower nasal dorsum and nasal tip.

Achieving a straight nasal dorsum

Achieving a straight nasal dorsum in profile view can be achieved by eliminating the hump (making the nose smaller).Or by increasing the projection of the nasal tip shape and nasal root region. The correct technique in each case to achieve a natural nasal dorsum will depend on a detailed analysis of the nasofacial angles and measurements in each case.

Rhino-medical rhinoplasty or nasal bioplasty is currently becoming fashionable.  These techniques performed by aesthetic doctors aim to fill in the areas of the nasal root and nasal tip to give the impression of a straight nose in profile view. 

The main disadvantage of these techniques is that they achieve this result by enlarging the nose, often disproportionately. As a result, the noses appear large. And not at all more beautiful or harmonious with the rest of the face.

There are also noses that look as if they need a reduction of the nasal dorsum in order to be straight in the profile view. In other words, simply eliminating the hump. But not infrequently (20%) the best result is achieved by combining techniques to reduce the hump with techniques to increase the nasal root and give more projection to the nasal tip.

Even so, the majority of rhinoplasty procedures in Albacete and Madrid (70%) that we perform are dorsal reduction. And when the preoperative analysis recommends it, it gives us very natural and satisfactory results.


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A fine and defined tip is the second main goal

Achieving a fine and defined tip is the second goal in most of our nose surgeries. Traditionally, the closed technique (without external scars) was the most common method for nasal remodeling.

However, nowadays the preferred procedure for rhinoplasty in Albacete and Madrid is the open rhinoplasty, with a small scar on the nasal columella. This technique provides greater possibilities to modify the cartilages that make up the nasal tip and thus achieve natural results.

Narrowing of the dorsum and nasal tip

The third fundamental request or objective in most of these surgeries is the narrowing of the dorsum and nasal tip.  Sometimes we have read in the press or seen patients who have undergone nose surgery on television.They complain that their nose was broken during their rhinoplasty operation in Albacete and Madrid.

Osteotomies, i.e. controlled fractures of the nasal base to narrow the nose, are essential in most reduction operations. It is a controlled procedure and, of course, the patient must be informed beforehand, as it not only increases postoperative discomfort, but also leads to some facial ecchymosis.

In summary, these are the three basic requests of patients undergoing rhinoplasty in Albacete and Madrid. In order to satisfy them to the greatest extent possible, an analysis of the profile of the nose is needed to find out the specific needs and thus achieve a straight and natural dorsum in the profile view. Applying the open technique to modify the tip cartilages in a predictable way and with natural results. And in most cases, osteotomies are necessary to achieve the narrower nose we are aiming for.

How rhinoplasty is performed and recovery

The surgical technique differs depending on the purpose of the surgery. But it almost always includes an imperceptible scar at the level of the columella and another at the level of the nasal mucosa, due treatment of the cartilages and bones to increase or decrease the size and change the shape of the different regions of the nose.

  • It can be performed with local anaesthesia and sedation if the surgery only involves the nasal tip, or with general anaesthesia if the intervention is more complete.
  • The procedure takes between 2 and 3 hours. And it is usually performed with a one-day admission to ensure the most complete care when discomfort begins.

In terms of recovery:

  •  The patient will wear earplugs for the first two days, the most uncomfortable.
  •   A nasal splint will be worn for 7 days, during which time the ecchymosis will have resolved.
  •  After a week you will be able to return to work and social outings as normal. You will also begin to notice the first results with some swelling on the skin of the nose, which will gradually resolve.

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Will my face change after rhinoplasty surgery in Albacete and Madrid?

When it is well indicated, Rhinoplasty in Madrid is one of the most appreciated procedures in facial cosmetic surgery. But many patients still have doubts about the results they can expect. And, one of the main concerns of patients who are thinking about having this surgery is whether it will change their face.

Patients are looking for a result that will enhance their nose in a natural way, but they are naturally concerned about whether it will change the appearance of their face too much or whether they will be recognised and comfortable with their new look.

To answer these questions it is necessary to understand the nose as the centre of the face. In addition, you need to know the basics of facial aesthetics in terms of proportions.

The image above shows the ideal proportions of facial aesthetics in the longitudinal and horizontal plane. It can be seen how the height of the nose would mark the height of the middle facial third when dividing the face into thirds.

The face should have a harmonious and proportionate appearance. For this, the height of the nose should measure approximately one third of the facial length. More importantly, the base i.e. the width of the nose marks the central fifth of the face if its width is divided into 5 parts and this should measure one fifth of the total width of the face.

The importance of the nose in facial proportions

Taking into account the nasal importance in facial proportions we can deduce that it is indeed possible to notice a change in the face globally when undergoing rhinoplasty, but this change must be controlled and always positive. In fact we know that a thinner nose is one of the main desires of patients who undergo this surgery and understanding facial proportions we know why this is so.

When we perform rhinoplasty we can change the nasal height to some extent, but of course a fundamental manoeuvre in most rhinoplasty is to narrow the nose. Knowing that the width of the nose at its base should be similar or somewhat less than the width of the eyes, we calculate the need to perform lateral osteotomies and to modify the size of the nostrils and nasal wings.

Patients always ask me this question and I, as a plastic surgeon, have to tell them that they will look a little different but certainly better.The eyes do not change, nor does the mouth, but the role of the nose in the face is very important. Rhinoseptoplasty can provide us with elements to improve its size in terms of facial proportions.

From the website of Dr Miguel Fernández Calderón we have offered you all the information about rhinoplasty in Albacete and Madrid. Ask for your appointment in any of the forms we have. For more details please contact us. It will be a pleasure to help you.


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